On Being A Minority of One

I’ve always been something of a loner, but there’s more to it than just wanting to be alone. I like being with people I like, but I have a strong aversion to groups of any kind. When I say groups, I mean a gathering of people who are of one mind. A few years back I went and saw Sean Hannity and Matt Drudge at a local concert hall. Amongst the crowd were many like-minded people who cheered conservatism and jeered liberalism. Yet, I was uncomfortable. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Maybe a psychologist can explain it, but it’s just how I am.

And it’s how I am in the marketplace. Every other week, liberals and conservatives are on the move to boycott some business or journalists or entertainer or some such. In light of Bob Costas’s anti-gun rant on Sunday Night Football, I’m sure many conservatives are ready to boycott NBC. Way ahead of you…I already have, but on my own.

With the likes of Chris Matthews as the face of NBC News (not Brian Williams) and an entertainment industry hostile to anyone to the right of Jerry Brown, I, somewhat unconsciously, made the decision to not watch NBC anymore. They offer me nothing, so I offer them nothing. I have no interest in telling others, “don’t watch NBC!” Personal choice. I made my choice and I stick by it until NBC gives me a very good reason to come back. Some may consider this not doing everything one can to change the culture, but what if millions of individuals would do what I’m doing? We all belong to the greatest minority in American, the minority of the individual. We can still make a difference while also staying true to ourselves.

Thus Spat Zarathustra


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