Right to Work and the Union Mentality

It’s hard for me to figure out the union mentality. You get a good job, have union protection and killer benefits but then are faced with the knowledge that because of these entitlements, the state you live in and your friends and neighbors are suffering under the current economic conditions. Someone says, maybe you should pay a little bit of a co-pay when you go to the doctor or get a prescription at Walgreens? To a tried and true union member, this is unthinkable. No concessions. Economic reality be damned.

Michigan is on the verge of passing a “right to work” law. What does that mean? The unions say it means no more collective bargaining and it allows corporations to run over their workers like a steamroller. A routine lie. Right to work means that if you get a job at a company that has a union, you don’t have to join that union and pay its dues. Thus, the “right to work” on your terms and not according to the dictates of a union boss. What on earth could be wrong with that?

Well, to socialists, everything. Right to work means freedom. It means making your own decision and more importantly it means you don’t have to fund politicians you don’t want to support. The union bosses know this. Now, the people you see tearing down the Americans For Prosperity tent…they don’t know this. They’re not smart enough. They believe the bilge that is fed to them on a daily basis. Lots of them really believe this bill will end collective bargaining. They are pawns in an evil game. Unions served a purpose in the early 20th century when working conditions were criminal and people were paid slave wages, but we, in the year 2012, live in an age of OSHA, government regulations and living standards that make the year 1920 seem like the year 920 by comparison. The once benevolent unions now are just as greedy and corrupt as the companies they once fought in the age of the flappers. It’s all about political power now.

I still can’t get my head around this mentality by the average union guy. They talk and talk about “corporate greed” but yet they want to hoard benefit after benefit at the expense of their fellow man. “Nine-point-1 percent unemployment rate in Michigan. Who cares? I’ve got mine.”

But I see no reason for optimism. Governor Snyder will probably sign the Right to Work bill but it’s a tiny drop in a very large bucket and our intellectual well has run dry. America, we hardly knew ya.


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