Of Tragedies Eternal

When we have a tragedy like that in Newtown, Connecticut people always ask “how could this happen?” yet they never ask the more pertinent question “why doesn’t it happen more often?” Man is a raging beast that is able to calm his baser instincts by living in a civil society. But even the best civilization can’t prevent an occasional breakdown whether it be via a group of men or one individual. The simple solution to most is to ban instruments of violence, casting the blame for human error on inanimate objects for allowing the weak-minded an easy avenue to act on their evil thoughts. Well, maybe, but can you eliminate all tools? Can you also get rid of knives, baseball bats…anything hard enough to crush a skull? Obviously not, but that’s taking us into a realm of advanced thought with which most people don’t wish to bother. Simple answers are always best. Be damned the what-ifs of an unarmed society.

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