A Fun Conspiracy Theory to Get The New Year Started

JumpConclusionsSo Hillary Clinton hasn’t been seen in public in weeks and went from having a concussion to now having a blood-clot as a result of said concussion. Naturally, many of us are dubious about these claims in light of the fact that she’s due to testify on her role in the Benghazi scandal. After all, Hillary’s honesty over the past 20 years has been, shall we say, less than stellar. Fold that into the Obama cult and it’s not a huge jump to make on my “Jump to Conclusions” mat.

That being said, let’s take the conspiracy theory to an even more ridiculous level. Let’s say that Hillary’s maladies are indeed real and become so bad that she is unable to run for President in 2016. That would mean the field would be wide open giving Obama his chance to repeal the 22nd Amendment, allowing him to run again in 2016. However, because there are no term limits, a desperate and revenge-minded Bill Clinton decides to run for the presidency…hell, maybe as the Republican candidate!

Absurd? Yes…maybe. Anyway, should it turn out that America is just a reality show produced by some alien race, just let it be known you heard it here first.


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