Get Over It, White America

So I finally got around to watching this clip of film critic (is that even a real job?) Jake Hamilton interviewing Samuel L. Jackson and refusing to say the “N-word” despite prodding from the star of Django Unchained. Granted, Jackson is being a dick about it, trying to make a white man squirm which is what the N-word is all about for black people. Yet, this pussy Hamilton seems like he wouldn’t say the word unless he was water-boarded.

Words have power if you give them power. If you use the N-word in the context of discussion about the word, there’s nothing wrong with that. Nigger. There, see? No one died. I’m not calling anyone a nigger, I’m talking about the word nigger.

What does the word nigger mean? In its original context it meant “lesser,” “subhuman.” The white man would call a black man a nigger as a way of telling him you are less than me, you’re genetically inferior, a mutant, thus I devalue you. We know that this is not the case in reality. Thus, the black culture rightly adopted the word in order to devalue its evil meaning, but now it’s used as a weapon to blackmail(!) white people into believing that in their hearts they must be racist and thus should give all their money to the government or some such nonsense. Just watch Maxine Waters speak for 10 seconds if you don’t get what I mean.

Non-racist whites need to stop living in fear of the racist label.



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