A Gun Rights 9/11 Premieres Tomorrow

Barack Obama is calling everyone’s bluff and is set to announce on Wednesday 19 executive orders on guns while surrounded by human political shields. Expected in the mix is another “assault”-weapons ban and prohibition of high-capacity magazine clips…which is very interesting. Much like trying to get global warming cultists to tell us the exact right temperature the earth should be, I’m very curious to find out the exact right amount of bullets in a mag that is just enough, but not too much, for the benefit of society.

If nothing else, this will keep the courts busy. Some are saying, “Ah ha, now this will REALLY get the people fired up!” After this past election, I am highly dubious. Granted, people are buying guns (and don’t forget to pick up plenty of bullets) like hotcakes, but this feels very cold war to me. Does Obama really have the stones for confiscation? Are Texas and Wyoming really ready to jail federal officials?

But no matter how you slice it, this is our best example yet of Post-Constitutional America. This “little book” as Piers Morgan calls it is being eliminated little by little, EO by EO and before long it’ll all be over and the only way to get freedom back will require blood.


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