Gerald Scarfe Doesn’t Need No Education

British cartoonist Gerard Scarfe wouldn’t be known if not for the fact he did the animation for Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Like Roger Waters, Scarfe is one of those leftist who believes what he believes without any intellectual honesty whatsoever. It’s really an anti-Western type of ideology. Despite the fact Scarfe lives in the all the luxuries that western civilization offers, his ideology dictates that he must hate all things western, i.e. democratic and support all things despotic and anti-humanist. He’s in the news because of a political cartoon featuring Benyamin Netanyahu building a wall using the blood of Palestinians for mortar. And not coincidentally, the cartoon was published on Holocaust Memorial Day. This will provoke some outrage and get Scarfe some media attention he can lap up and use to score points with despots and act morally superior. I’m sure Anonymous has already nominated him for sainthood.

But as readers of this blog know, I’m a free speech absolutist, so I have no objection to him doing this cartoon. What I object to is the hypocrisy. Shed yourself of the comforts of the West, Gerard, and then we’ll talk.


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