Of Anti-Semites and Winston Smith

I knew a day would come when facts no longer mattered, I just thought I would be old when said day arrived. Alas, here I am in my 41st year and the era of full-on Orwellian Newspeak is here.

I mentioned on Twitter last week that the fact Chuck Hagel has even one Senate vote of support is inexcusable. The Ron Paul-ites, or “PaulNuts,” immediately called me an anti-American and behold to the Jews. Now we learn that along with the rest of Hagel’s anti-Israeli language, he said in 2010 that Netanyahu is a radical and Israel is becoming an apartheid state. It’s a bit like saying I’m a radical because I don’t invite people that want to kill me to live in my house.

But no matter, these words only act as resume enhancements for Hagel since he has been nominated by a President that feels the exact same way about the Israelis if not all Jews in general. I’m old enough to remember a time when someone like Hagel, regardless of party affiliation, would be career-dead before you could say James Watt. But those days are now past for half of the political populace.


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