Larry Flynt: Patron Saint of the Low-Information Voter

So I read an article about First Amendment icon Larry Flynt, talking about how his empire is flourishing, how he’s a political junky, how he plans to out a closeted GOP Congressman, cottage cheese…you know, the usual stuff with Flynt. On the issue of politics is this little nugget:

Perhaps surprisingly for a man who uses such words, he favors “a decent equal-rights bill for women, along with the Violence Against Women Act.” Opposition to that, in fact, draws his ire. “How in the world can anybody vote against a bill that will protect women against violence? I can’t understand that, and I don’t understand how any woman would vote for a man who doesn’t want to protect them.”
Really says it all, doesn’t it. First off, are there no laws on the books prohibiting violence against women? Are you telling me men have been free to rape and beat up women for the last 200-some years? Okay, okay, this is a law originally passed in 1994 to help female victims of violence. But what’s in the law? Well, according to some legal experts, it rolls back the due process rights of the accused. The law also offers a slush fund of grants with no oversight. One example:

VAWA gives grants to campus offices that promote an event during which male students walk around in high heels with their nails painted red. The idea is that by turning a campus into a replica of Bourbon Street on a bad night, men will be less likely to abuse women.

(Remember now, we can’t cut one dime from the federal budget or everyone’s dead.)
Seems like the bill could use a rewrite. But to find information like this takes some work and when you get all your news from MSNBC, as Flynt admits he does, you live by the credo, “If the bill has a good name, it’s a good bill.”
It’s for this reason I’m convinced Hitler could have won the war if he’d been craftier with the language. Instead of the “Nuremberg Laws” they should have called it the “Not Killing Jews Act.” Then the Larry Flynts of the time would’ve said, “How in the world could anybody vote against that?”
Let it burn.
Thus Spat Zarathustra

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