Rand Paul’s Game-Changer

Well, it’s been no secret to readers of this blog and my Twitter timeline that since that foul day in November I have been more than a little cynical about politics in this country. The words, “Let it burn!” have crossed my lips a time or two. While I’m not exactly turning around on this, Senator Rand Paul and his band of renown give me a glimmer of hope.

Paul made clear last night the split within the Republican Party, especially in the Senate. You have an old guard that sees themselves as philosopher-kings and the role of government as merely a game to be played to keep the peasants in line. Then you have the new young turks, Paul, Cruz, Lee, et al. They see the government as representative of the people and see themselves as of the people.

The day after the filibuster, the contrast is stark. John McCain and Lindsey Graham have been upstaged and they are not happy about it. All their bluster during the Hagel hearings was just that…all part of the game. In the end, they all “work together,” Republicans and Democrats and maintain the status quo.

I absolutely loathe this mentality. McCain and Graham need to be put out to pasture. McCain won’t leave the Senate until death, but the Tea Party in South Carolina has to at least try to get rid of Lindsey Graham. Primary him…even if it’s a losing battle, it’s still a battle worth fighting if for no other reason than pure harassment of this contemptible little man.

Sometimes the battle for its own sake is enough.

Thus Spat Zarathustra


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