At Rutgers, It’s The PLAYERS Who Let Mankind Down

Lot of talk about the basketball coach at Rutgers University who was fired for, well…let’s back up. The coach, Mike Rice, was suspended for a few games a while back when University administrators found out he was assaulting players with the basketball or his hands and calling them things like “faggot” and “cunt.” However, he was only fired when the practice tape was leaked to ESPN and there was a public outcry. In that part of the story you see how universities will circle the wagons to protect themselves and their coaches. (*cough* Sandusky *cough*)

But here, we’re discussing the so-called “wussification” of America. Eric Bolling of Fox News had this to say:

Rutgers University basketball coach Mike Rice was fired today for hitting, kicking and verbally abusing his players during practices — a decision that has met with widespread praise from many commentators in the news media, who found his actions abhorrent.

Not so Fox News co-host Eric Bolling, who said the decision to fire Rice was evidence that American culture was in decline because of the “wussification of American men.”

“We’re in the midst of political correctness crushing our ability to teach kinds, to discipline kids, to disagree with people or one another or kids,” Bolling said on today’s edition of “The Five.” “Our culture is in decline, and this is an example of our culture in free fall — and I’m saying this because he got fired, not because of what he did.”

Wrong. The real “wussification” lies with the players who put up with this kind of treatment. And I’m not talking about running to the Athletic Directors office or to their dads…I’m talking about right then and there.

Folks, anyone, and I mean anyone short of my own mother who throws a basketball at my head is going to be met with my fist thrown at their head within about 10 seconds. I am sympathetic to the argument that the alpha-male is being destroyed in this country, but what’s alpha-male about taking this kind of abuse in the name of “teaching” and “discipline?” How does a boy learn to be a red-blooded, all-American alpha-male by simply taking abuse and saying “Thank you sir, may I have another?” That’s the real issue here.


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