Margaret Thatcher Dies

Thatcher-ReaganWell, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? She was one of the greats. Sadly, the United States and Great Britain are dying. The statists have always been better at playing long-ball. However, if not for the likes of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, the USA and Britain would be dead already. They slowed the tide of tyranny, and as I sit here now at the age of 40, I can only hope they ebbed the flow long enough that I might live a full life before its final crash onto the shore.

But on the plus side, when tyranny overtakes us and bands of rebels gather to fight for a second-coming of freedom, it will be Thatcher and her ideological brethren that will be read in the dark corners of safe-houses and underground gatherings. The Iron Lady will rise again.

Thus Spat Zarathustra


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