Daily Musings…or rather, “Cruzings”

It occurs to me that we’ll know if there’s a chance to right the ship soon. Tomorrow, South Carolina’s First Congressional District will decide whether to send a wife-cheating conservative or a jail-bird liberal to Washington. If it’s Sanford, it will be a good sign despite his unpredictable behavior.

Then you have Virginia and its off-year Governor’s race where the two candidates couldn’t be more opposed ideologically. Right now, signs are good for Cuccinelli, but still lots of time left there.

What gives me hope is the gun-control fiasco of a few weeks ago. There are few issues that people remember like gun-control. The newly minted Democratic Senator in North Dakota, Heidi Heitkamp, voted against the measure even though she doesn’t have to worry about the ballot box for 6 years! She knows they’ll remember this vote over any other. With that, one hopes this means the GOP can chip away at the Dem Majority in the Senate, though it won’t mean much if they just get a bunch of Mark Kirks.

Regardless, the man to watch, and the only man who gives me real hope, is Ted Cruz. Even Carville has to admit he is the real deal. One would expect Carville to push that which he thinks Hillary can easily beat in 2016, but he is a pundit now and gets paid as such. Perhaps he does think Cruz would be easy to beat, but his words couldn’t be more true:

“A lot of Republicans feel this way, George. And you hear this a lot. If we only got someone who was articulate and was for what we were for, we would win elections. We get John McCains and Mitt Romneys and squishy guys that cannot do anything. One thing he is not, he’s not squishy.”

So true. Cruz is really the only shot the GOP has at winning in 2016. They have to go balls-to-the-wall conservative or it’s just gonna be Dole-McCain-Romney ad infinitum.

Cruz ’16!

Thus Spat Zarathustra


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