Rage Against The Machine: Benghazi Edition

I kept with the news of the Benghazi hearings today whenever I got the chance. I got enough to get a pit in my stomach and some veins throbbing on my temples. I can’t decide if I’m angered more by what happened or by what isn’t going to happen. President Obama and Hillary Clinton will not be harmed by this as far as I can tell. Worst case scenario is some of their aides will resign and everybody will just move on. Hillary will run in 2016 with most of the public blissfully unaware of what Benghazi is. I always knew she was a nasty person, but today I found out she might very well be evil.

Maybe we’ve been through this before. Maybe people in the 60’s and 70’s felt this helpless under LBJ and/or Nixon, but from everything I’ve read, it sure seems like the public was much more aware of things back then, even if a majority of the public was blasé. I dunno. Very emotional and hard to make comparisons when I wasn’t there, but the feeling that we’ve lost this country to a government that has devolved into a Putin-style autocracy is hard to get past. I hope something can crack my cynicism and give me some hope.


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