Egypt On The Brink

The American people are with you even if our president is not. Funny how leftists only cry for democracy when a dictator is about to be toppled. Sometimes democracy needs a General Pinochet to give it a nudge.

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UPDATE: Maybe I’m ignorant, but I’m not upset that there was a full-on military coup in Egypt like many conservatives. Joel Pollack writes:

What is missing from U.S. coverage of events in Egypt is any sense of history–and, perhaps a Burkean conservatism that realizes the folly of destroying institutions. The Muslim Brotherhood destroyed them, and now the military has destroyed them, too. This is a revolution in the French mould, not the American one–and while the departure of Morsi is much to be excited about, the way it happened ought to give greater pause.

His overall point is that the MSM is celebrating the coup and this stems from a leftist love of insurrection. Partly, but our media is a side-orientated machine. They go with emotion, which is another way of saying they don’t actually think about the ramifications.

Some liberals like Piers Morgan are upset as well:

I think we need to get a grip on what we call “democracy.” It’s often told that Hitler won the Chancellery of Germany via democratic means. This is true (despite I’m sure much intimidation at the polls). However, one of my rules of democracy is that any democratic act that installs an undemocratic government is then retroactively deemed an undemocratic act. For decades, Egypt was ruled by a pseudo-dictator who kept the Islamists in check while a fairly secular military (built by the United States) kept enemies at bay. When there was an uprising in 2011, the Islamists saw an opportunity and made the most of it. President Obama foolishly let Mubarrak fall due perhaps to rampant Muslim Brotherhood influence in his administration. Regardless of the reasoning, Egypt had it’s first real democratic elections and the Muslim Brotherhood came out on top. How they did it doesn’t really matter – what matters is everyone knew what they stood for: Sharia Law, i.e. Islamic tyranny. Once “elected,” the Muslim Brotherhood was not about to relinquish power via democratic means (and the signs were there immediately). It’s for this reason that I ask those lamenting the military coup, what other options were there? Once Hitler took power in 1933, could the German people have called for another election? No, the only way Hitler was going away was with a bullet.

Of course military coups are not ideal, but let’s not get so brainwashed by our definitions of “democracy” to think that electing dictators is something that should be respected.


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