A Bridge Over Troubled Governor

It’s early in this latest political “scandal” (let us unleash a thousand air-quotes!) involving Governor Chris Christie, but here are some basic guidelines to help you navigate.

  1. This will get a lot of play as it involves a GOP governor (almost used air-quotes on GOP there). If it were a Democrat, it would be washed away with a simple “Neither I, or anyone in the governor’s office would do such a thing.” and that would be that, but this involves a Republican, so game on.
  2. Is it a big deal? Yes, anytime government is used for petty vindictiveness, it’s a big deal, but whether it gets ink depends on point 1. Stepping out of the bubble of MSM tyranny, is the story a big deal in actual reality? Again, yes, for two reasons: 1) It appears to be an abuse of power either by Christie or a rogue staff-member; 2) If Christie is indeed running for president, this is the kind of stuff he can’t have happening. Hillary can do this 12 times before lunch and it wouldn’t make a blip on the radar, but he can’t afford these kinds of mistakes. At worst, it’s Nixonian, at best, it’s amateurish.
  3. Remember now that we have yet to hear Christie’s side of the story. However, I will admit that the fact we have yet to hear a peep out of him is telling. This is a rather long, war-room session for something many are calling trivial.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Annnndddd…scene.


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