A Fun Conspiracy Theory to Get The New Year Started

JumpConclusionsSo Hillary Clinton hasn’t been seen in public in weeks and went from having a concussion to now having a blood-clot as a result of said concussion. Naturally, many of us are dubious about these claims in light of the fact that she’s due to testify on her role in the Benghazi scandal. After all, Hillary’s honesty over the past 20 years has been, shall we say, less than stellar. Fold that into the Obama cult and it’s not a huge jump to make on my “Jump to Conclusions” mat.

That being said, let’s take the conspiracy theory to an even more ridiculous level. Let’s say that Hillary’s maladies are indeed real and become so bad that she is unable to run for President in 2016. That would mean the field would be wide open giving Obama his chance to repeal the 22nd Amendment, allowing him to run again in 2016. However, because there are no term limits, a desperate and revenge-minded Bill Clinton decides to run for the presidency…hell, maybe as the Republican candidate!

Absurd? Yes…maybe. Anyway, should it turn out that America is just a reality show produced by some alien race, just let it be known you heard it here first.


What Separates Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

Back in 1992, the country decided it was time for a change. The Cold War was “over” and the economy was a bit stagnant. President Bush was as wishy-washy as could be, going from “Read my lips” to “Well, alright…”

In came Bill Clinton, a lecherous hillbilly from Arkansas who had a magnificent charm and incredible ability to win people over. He also had a raging battle-axe of a wife, so you know…people could relate to him.

Once in office, the Clintons hit the ground running, moving to raise taxes and nationalize health care. The latter move was so unpopular, even the Democrat-controlled House wouldn’t go for it. In came the Gingrich gang and Bill Clinton was presented with a choice: Go down fighting in 1996 as a liberal; or move to the center and be beloved by the country. He chose adoration. Granted, it was easy for him. He had the media on his side and was able to take the credit for everything the GOP Congress did, but the fact that he was so narcissistic was a blessing in disguise. It was his narcissism that allowed the Congress to reform welfare and get the budget under control. You can nitpick over the good and bad that came out of the Clinton presidency, but in the year 2012, you can only look back on it as glory days by comparison. And again, this was thanks to Bill Clinton’s epic narcissism.

Now we come to the Obama presidency and it’s safe to say that his narcissism could beat up Bill Clinton’s narcissism. However, the difference between the two men is that Obama’s narcissism is, believe it or not, not his raison d’etre. No, this President, Barack Obama, has a desire more important to him than being loved by a majority of the American public…that is to fundamentally transform (his words) America.

I bring this up due to the ongoing battle in D.C. over the fiscal cliff. President Obama and Speaker Boehner are “playing chicken,” as they say, over what each side is willing to do on the issue. Naturally, Obama is offering tax hikes now and spending cuts on the 15th of Never. Meanwhile, Repubicans are labeled the party of the rich because they don’t want to see rates go up for anyone…and of course our general populace can’t grasp the fact that rich people don’t pay taxes anyway, no matter what their rates. Regardless, unless the discussion involves serious entitlements reform, it’s just a bunch of squawking over chump-change.

But, President Obama doesn’t want to go over a fiscal cliff, right? He doesn’t want people to suffer…he doesn’t want to take a political hit, does he? The answer is he does want to go over the fiscal cliff. He does want people to need more and more welfare. He does want to see America cut down to size.

Many have written about why he wants to “transform” American and I don’t know fully why he does, but I’m done with why. Long past it. All I care about is what. What he wants to do is send us over a fiscal cliff and bring more welfare into our lives…create more parasites and bums and slow the economic engine that is the United States. A lot of people just can’t stomach this assessment. There’s no way, in their minds, a president of the USA could want to hurt his country.

Believe what you want. The rest of us know what’s going on here. There was an old myth that a president in a bad economy usually doesn’t get re-elected…Hoover, Carter, Bush 41…but Barack Obama broke that trend by convincing enough people that they needed him because the economy was bad. That rich bastard Mitt Romney is gonna make you work for what you have. Shocking.

I still can’t stand Bill Clinton…but I’m thankful for his narcissism that delayed our country’s descent into the abyss for at least a little while. Kudos, Bill. Kudos!

Thus Spat Zarathustra

Jockeying For Position On Election Day

It’s anathema to a blogger to say “I have no idea.” Why blog then? Well, it’s about more than just being a soothsayer, but right now I, and many others, face the dilemma of having no idea how the election is going to shake out. We are literally (hat tip: Joe Biden) sinking in a flood of media misinformation with more polls coming out every day either showing Obama winning or the race a tie. This has led to arguments over whether these polls are skewed or not. Limbaugh says this is all for the sole purpose of dispiriting Romney voters while Erick Erickson says the polls are correct and Romney needs to up his game or it’s over. While I respect Erickson, I don’t think he has any idea but is playing the pessimists so as to have something to hang his hat on in an Obama second term. If he’s wrong, we’ll all be too excited/relieved to care.

I’d like to think the public is still as angry as they were in 2010. Yes, I said angry. The late Peter Jennings called the 1994 Congressional elections a national “hissy fit,” but that was to be expected from a journalist who used to date a PLO mouthpiece. But despite his snark, he was right. People were mad. They elected in 1992 a supposedly moderate Democrat who went full socialists for two years so they reacted accordingly. Now we look on the Clinton years as the good ol’ days when small businesses were at least allowed a chance to survive. America had it’s “Hissy Fit II” in 2010 but it wasn’t enough. We need to go full-blown conniption in 2012.

Bill Clinton On The Loose

Dick Morris thinks Bill Clinton wants Obama to lose the election. Normally I take Morris’ predictions and theories with a grain of salt but I think he may be right this time. Here’s why:

1) Clinton wants back in the White House. A six-year old can gather that. However, Edward Klein claims Bill wanted Hillary to challenge Obama this year saying he wasn’t sure he’d live long enough to wait another four years. Gossip, yes, but believable.

2) Clinton defends Romney on his time at Bain Capital.

3) Today, Clinton calls for extending the Bush Tax Cuts (temporarily).

4) Clinton’s goal is getting Hillary (and thus him) in the White House. Since the ship has sailed on option #1, it makes sense that the best play for Billary is to face Romney in 2016 rather than run for the office after an 8 year Obama/Democrat Party fiasco. Bill knows as well as any Tea Partier what a second Obama term will bring.

Either way, Hillary Clinton is running in 2016. How do I know? Because she’s said she won’t run. Simple. Easy.

UPDATE: Great minds think alike. Michael Walsh at NRO.

The One World Government Museum

You ever read a story that makes you laugh out loud and then when your laughter subsides you realize there’s nothing funny whatsoever about the situation? That’s what this story did to me. From the Daily Mail, news that the EU is going to open a European history museum, but they apparently have Winston Smith hard at work on rewrites: (Hat tip: NRO)

The European Union (our real ruler) is opening a £44m museum that will be a House of European History. This vanity project in and of itself is an offensive waste of money as governments and peoples tighten belts across Europe.

But what I found most offensive of all is that World War II is to be described as “the European Civil War”.

That’s right: a European Civil War that saws millions fight and die in theatres around the world in places as diverse as Tobruk, Pearl Harbour and the Burma Railway.

This is really a case of the EU showing us its cards. It’s about creating a one-world government, a goal shared by Hitler. Now that comparison is a bit over the top but can anyone still make an intellectual argument that the mission of the EU isn’t to end the sovereignty of the European states?

Many on the loony left took George Bush 41’s statement about a “New World Order” and saw a conspiracy of the Masons, Bilderbergs, et al to create a one-world government which in that particular case they saw as bad, yet a few years later you had the Clinton Administration with foreign policy wonks such a Strobe Talbott who said “All countries are basically social arrangements, accommodations to changing circumstances . . . they are all artificial and temporary.”

So how can the most powerful nation on earth get in on this one-world creamy goodness? Why we have to be brought down to the rest of the world’s level. Anyone see that happening lately?

Bill Clinton Still Bitter Over Camp David Accord

Yet, like any good liberal, he blames the wrong side for the failure. Clinton and Barak (that name is always trouble!) offered the Palestinians 99.9% of the store and Arafat refused, for you see, there would still be Jews living on earth, there would still be a place called Israel. He couldn’t live with that. Same with the thugs that followed him. Even an old war-horse like Ariel Sharon was ready to take the first big step into Israel’s oblivion and it wasn’t enough for the Palestinian Authority.

And, of course, Clinton wants us (and himself) to believe that it’s Israel’s fault. Many on the Left believe if there was no Israel there would be peace in the Middle East, and in a sense they’re right. When Hitler controlled nearly all of Europe, it was a pretty stable region until the Brits and Americans messed it all up.

Anywho, one has to wonder what the end-game will be: Israel’s destruction by a thousand cuts or a final all-out war in the region?

The great Andrew Klavan (who unfortunately is moving behind Glenn Beck’s pay-wall) has this greatest hit that offers a one-state solution:

Obama Hands Over Presidency To Slick Willy

This is how bad it’s gotten for Obama. He’s so in over his head he’s actually turning things over to Bubba Clinton. Watch the video and let me know if it doesn’t send a chill up your spine.

MORE: I’m still just in disbelief at what I’ve seen. A president this weak. I was a kid when Carter was president, so this isn’t something I’m used to.