CNN President Resigns Saying Company Needs "New" Thinking

Perhaps one of the great understatements of the year. I’m reminded of a scene from one of Spalding Gray’s monologues where he is talking to his eye doctor about how to treat his macular pucker. He asked the doctor if he could try some holistic approaches to the problem. The doctor said, “Sure, try all the holistic approaches you want…then we’ll operate.”

CNN is like Spalding Gray and sadly, Steve Jobs when he was dealing with cancer initially. They knew deep down what they needed to do if they wanted to get better: hand themselves over to medical science. But Jobs tried all kinds of natural remedies to treat his cancer and wasted valuable time. Now he’s gone.

CNN will no doubt stick to their proverbial “holistic” approaches to news. They’ll hire more liberals, continue to skew the news and then wonder why nobody is watching. What’s that definition of insanity again? No matter.


The MSM Hates You

Caught a little bit of Rush Limbaugh’s opening monologue yesterday and it was epic. Rush talked about the opening of the South Carolina debate where John King asked Newt Gingrich about his ex-wife’s recent claims that he wanted an open-marriage and other tawdry details. Here’s the clip in case you haven’t seen it:

Now this is where Rush is valuable because he sees beyond the obvious and gets to the heart of what’s really going on. Every American who considers themselves a conservative, libertarian or even just a moderate Republican needs to hear this

RUSH: The audience is eating it up! They’re eating it up off the floor. They’re sucking it up with straws! They love it! Now, let me tell you one thing here, folks: You cannot shame the mainstream media. If any of you are thinking that the media learned a lesson — if any of you believe that the media finally had it handed to ’em, if you believe that the media had their eyes opened and they are fully awake now and they understand what they’re dealing with — forget it. John King is proud of what happened last night. John King is a hero in the Main Street media because he didn’t back down, because he continued to illustrate how it is that the media does really control the agenda. That was a demonstration of the power they hold over every public figure’s head, that they choose to hold like a guillotine.

John King… There may even be some jealousy and envy within the journalist ranks (well, not journalists; within the Democrat Party ranks) because John King is a guy that got in Newt’s face, stared him down — and the fact that Newt told him off? It’s a badge of honor. If you are thinking that John King was embarrassed and ran away with his tail tucked between his legs and learned his lesson and it’ll never happen again? Ah, ah, ah, ah. You cannot shame the mainstream media. They are proud of this. They delight in their power to destroy candidates that they don’t like. They revel in the fact that they can keep so many conservatives from even thinking about getting into politics. A lot of the so-called journalists watching this probably were pumping their fists.

A lot of the journalists watching this were doing the Obama cheer: “Yes, we can! Yes, we can!” and do not doubt me. If you think King was embarrassed — if you think he was suffering from an elevated heart rate during the middle of this, if you think he felt shamed, if you think, “Oh, my God, Newt’s beating the crap out of him” — you are dead wrong. He got exactly what he wanted out of this. Do NOT doubt me. At the end of the day the message to every conservative who hasn’t run for office is: “You want a piece of this? You want some of this? You want Brian Ross hounding you and your ex-wife and then you want me asking you about it on national TV the next night? Come on in. We’re ready.” That’s the message from John King and CNN last night, and do not doubt me on this. 

That’s exactly right. Rush is the father of the fight that Andrew Breitbart is fighting, that James O’Keefe is fighting, that NewsBusters is fighting and I (in a very small way) am fighting. The Fourth Estate is really a Fifth Column. This is never going to change unless politicians stop playing by the MSM’s rules. It’s time for a media revolution.

Larry King Calls It Quits

There is one positive in the Obama Era: we’re weeding out a lot of dead-wood. Helen Thomas is finally gone…Robert Byrd is finally gone…Ted Kennedy is FINALLY gone…and now, we’re finally going to be rid of the worst interviewer on TV, Larry King. King has announced he’s shutting down “Larry King Live” in the fall and moving to a part-time CNN gig where they’ll drag him out for big stuff like they did with Walter Cronkite. So in other words, we won’t see him much.

King had some good years, there’s no question about that, but for the last 10 or so, he’s really been phoning it in. From asking Jerry Seinfeld if his show was cancelled to calling the Russian Ambassador Garry Kasparov (the chess champion), King seemed to have retired from show-prep a long time ago. If you don’t prep for a show, that’s gonna be a bad show. His ratings have stunk for a long time and the jig is up.

Unfortunately, this is CNN we’re talking about, so expect someone much worse coming soon.

The Daily Grind

My handful of readers may have noticed that the last three days have been nothing but music here on the ol’ blog. I find myself so disgusted with the current state of politics and culture that a light case of burnout seems to have set in. Some days I’m not sure if I’m ready to keep this blog hobby going. It all seems so pointless. Then again, I don’t want to pull a Brett Favre…leave, come back, leave, come back. Just gonna take it “one day at a time,” minus the incest.

So for today, here’s what has caught my eye:

Letterman. Ten-to-one says when his contract is up with CBS, Jon Stewart’s phone starts ringing off the hook.

Red Eye. The late, late, late night show on Fox News is pulling better numbers than CNN does during dinner-time. But alas, that’s our fault, not CNN’s. We just don’t know any better.

Speaking of Fox News. It’s apparently the network’s fault that President Obama keeps hiring tax-cheats, pedophiles, Marxists and the like. I should have known.

Speaking of CNN. They now feel an obligation to fact check SNL skits that put The Messiah in a bad light. To get a idea of my feelings on this, refer back to the top of this post.

News Flash! Governor Schwarzenegger has endorses Obamacare. Really, wouldn’t we be more surprised if he hadn’t?

The Feds next target: Bloggers!

Until next time…