Tories Overtake Labour In UK Leading To Hung Govt

And thanks to their screwed up parliamentary system, Brown still has a chance to cling to power, though it’s unlikely. Cameron is no Thatcher, but he’s a damn sight better than Gordo.


UK Heads To The Polls

As “bigoted women” head to the polls in the UK tomorrow, Daniel Hannan gives us this warning:

If the Conservatives don’t win tomorrow, I warn you not to have a pension. I warn you not to hold savings or own shares. I warn you not to be ambitious, not to be enterprising, not to be patriotic. I warn you not to demand classroom discipline or choice in education. I warn you not to live in southern England. I warn you not to expect public services that serve the public. I warn you not to try to move from benefits into work. I warn you not to hold sterling. I warn you not to own a house. I warn you not to run a business. Above all, I warn you not to offer anyone a job.

Gordon Brown Meets Mrs. Duffy

Move over Joe the Plumber…there’s a new voice of the people! UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown shows once again how a career politician just can’t go toe-to-toe with regular folk.

BLUNDERING Gordon Brown has been caught on microphone calling a voter a “bigot”.

The Prime Minister was heard describing an exchange he had just had with lifelong Labour supporter Gillian Duffy, 65 — on the campaign trail in Rochdale, Lancs, today — as a “disaster”.

He made the comments as he got into his car after speaking to Mrs Duffy — not realising that he still had the Sky News mic pinned to his shirt.

He told an aide: “That was a disaster – they should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that? It’s just ridiculous.”

She tackled him on a series of issues including the national debt, taxes, student financing and immigration.

Mrs Duffy, a widow, said she was “very disappointed” with Mr Brown’s remarks.

After hearing what the Prime Minister had said about her, she said it was “very upsetting”.

She added: “He’s an educated person, why has he come out with words like that?

“He’s supposed to lead this country and he’s calling an ordinary woman who’s just come up and asked questions what most people would ask him – he’s not doing anything about the national debt and it’s going to be tax, tax, tax for another 20 years to get out of this mess – and he’s calling me a bigot.”

Of course the first thing that gets me – having worked in video production my whole career – is how a trained politician can be so careless around microphones. When you’re miked up, you have to go into a different mode that doesn’t end when the interview is over, it ends when you see the microphone being completely removed from your person. Politics 101 people!

Now to the heart of the matter.

Mr Brown’s unguarded comments were made after the pensioner quizzed him about immigration claiming it was a taboo subject.

During their exchange in the street, Mrs Duffy told the Prime Minister: “You can’t say anything about immigrants.”

She added: “All these eastern Europeans – where are they coming from?”

Mr Brown said a million people had come from Europe but another million Britons had moved the other way.

Mrs Duffy also complained about people on benefits.

She said: “There are too many who aren’t vulnerable and they can claim, and people who are vulnerable can’t get claims – can’t get it.”

Mr Brown said: “But they shouldn’t be doing that. There is no life on the dole for people any more.”

As he went to leave, the Prime Minister shook her hand and told her: “Very nice to meet you, very nice to meet you.”

Amen, sister! You can’t say anything about immigrants in this country either without being called a bigot. Our president gives us pretty much the same treatment.

MORE: Video of Mrs. Duffy receiving the news she is a bigot. Allahpundit calls the look on her face “pure-spun gold.” I completely agree.

Is The UK Ripe For A Reagan Revolution?

One great thing about the UK these days is that they don’t have the same psychotic devotion for Barack Obama as many do here in America. However, like us, they do have a socialist leader, Gordon Brown, who is looking to raise the top income tax rate from 40% to 50%. Their idea of a top income bracket is 150,000 pounds, roughly equivilent to $220,000 a year. Celebs like Andrew Lloyd Webber and Michael Caine are just about ready to relocate due to the high taxes like British rock stars have been doing for years. Bloomberg quotes London Mayor Boris Johnson as saying this tax hike is going to suck the money right out of London.

One of the reasons Ronald Reagan got into politics was because of the high tax rate. He eventually found there was no point making lots of money acting when he had to give 90% of it to the government. He won the White House on a promise of lowering the tax rates and beating the Commie…and he did both.

Is the UK ready for this. Are things finally bad enough that they’re ready to throw off the shackles of “enlightened” European socialism and elect a tax-cutter? Seems more likely to happen in the UK than here in America. While many don’t like what Obama is doing, they still love him personally, and sometimes that all it takes. Daniel Hannan, Member of the European Parliament says it is almost a foregone conclusion that the Torys will win the next UK election, but whether that means conservatism (i.e. Reaganism) is on the rise is very much in doubt. Stay tuned.

Obama Bores Brits, Brown Impersonates Ed McMahon

And those are the highlights from the G20. Thank G-d for the British press:

Oh Gordon, your smile! The Prime Minister, appearing alongside Barack Obama after breakfast today, stared at his American visitor and almost shattered the TV camera lenses with his moony grin.
You could have played Jewish harp with his lower lip, it was stretched so twangy tight.
Messrs Mills and Boon, when next looking for a book cover for one of their romantic novellas, when next seeking an illustration of doggy devotion, could do worse than use a photograph of the Prime Minister at the meeting.
Mr Obama uttered a sentence. Mr Brown nodded. Mr Obama paused. Mr Brown froze, frowning. Mr Obama made a very slight joke. Mr Brown gassed himself, laughing for a good 30 seconds, eyelids fluttering like the wings of a soft-flapping Cabbage White.

Bob’s your uncle.

"I’m On My Way To The Promised Land…"

It’s been a hell of a week for critics of our Socialist leaders. First MEP Daniel Hannan gives British PM Gordon Brown a verbal beat-down that goes viral on the Internet and makes him an overnight sensation. Now we have news that the recent criticism of President Obama from Czech Prime Minister Mirek Toplanek, who called the economic stimulus a “road to hell,” got his inspiration for those words from a recent AC/DC concert.

To YouTube, pop culture and those of you about to rock…I salute you!

Prime Minister Brown Gets Served

G-d help me, I love British politicians. These guys know how to give a speech and how to gut an opponent with words better than one could ever accomplish with a sword. Case in point, a speech at a European Parliament from MEP Daniel Hannan, where he just rips Prime Minister Gordon Brown to shreds in a speech that could easily apply to our own Dear Leader, Barack Obama. If only we had a member of Congress willing to follow Hannan’s lead. Watch and pay attention:

Confirmed: Gordon Brown’s DVD’s Are Region 1

It doesn’t get any better. Great headline from Tim Walker in the London Telegraph:

Gordon Brown is frustrated by ‘Psycho’ in No 10

As an American, I can sympathise.

A Downing Street spokesman said he was “confident” that any gift Obama gave Brown would have been “well thought through,” but referred me to the White House for assistance on the “technical aspects”.
A White House spokesman sniggered when I put the story to him and he was still looking into the matter when my deadline came last night.
By the way, when Obama’s unlikely gift was disclosed, a reader emailed me to ask if Clueless was among the films. Funnily enough, it was not.
Brown, on the other hand, presented a rather more thoughtful gift to the American President in the form of a penholder carved from the timbers of an anti-slavery ship. The sister ship, in fact, of the one that was broken up and turned into the desk in the Oval Office.

Perhaps Jesus Christ Superstar will be in the next batch.

What kind of sweet hell is this?!

MORE: Moe Lane over at RedState:

I never want to hear another single bloody word about how intellectually incurious George W. Bush was.