A Gun Rights 9/11 Premieres Tomorrow

Barack Obama is calling everyone’s bluff and is set to announce on Wednesday 19 executive orders on guns while surrounded by human political shields. Expected in the mix is another “assault”-weapons ban and prohibition of high-capacity magazine clips…which is very interesting. Much like trying to get global warming cultists to tell us the exact right temperature the earth should be, I’m very curious to find out the exact right amount of bullets in a mag that is just enough, but not too much, for the benefit of society.

If nothing else, this will keep the courts busy. Some are saying, “Ah ha, now this will REALLY get the people fired up!” After this past election, I am highly dubious. Granted, people are buying guns (and don’t forget to pick up plenty of bullets) like hotcakes, but this feels very cold war to me. Does Obama really have the stones for confiscation? Are Texas and Wyoming really ready to jail federal officials?

But no matter how you slice it, this is our best example yet of Post-Constitutional America. This “little book” as Piers Morgan calls it is being eliminated little by little, EO by EO and before long it’ll all be over and the only way to get freedom back will require blood.


Gun Control Debate Turns Into Textbook Journalistic Elitism

Thanks to David Gregory and Jeffrey Goldberg, the debate over gun-control has turned into an embarrassing display of journalistic snobbery. David Gregory was reportedly told by the D.C. police he could not brandish a high-capacity magazine on Meet The (De)Press(ed), but he did it anyway, which is a crime. He was in possession of the magazine…doesn’t matter if he was using it in a gun or not. Calls for an investigation have naturally been shouted down by the utterly worthless Howard Kurtz and Jeffrey Goldberg:

So commit those crimes folks. When you get pinched, just tell the nice policemen you were practicing journalism. Fool proof.

What The Hell? Gun Owners Of America Aligned With Free Press?

RedState has a writeup on how Gun Owners of America is a member of the Board of Directors the Save The Internet coalition which is run by the Marxist media reform group Free Press.

Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. The GOA has a little explaining to do.

Gun Owners of America. This blogger isn’t going to cut them any slack here. After all, when you hitch your cart to a Marxist, what does that make you? Probably most of the organizations on this list are benign and could say I wasn’t aware, however, my high school physics teacher didn’t cut me any slack when I left out a crucial portion of my study on Wave Motion. And this was before the internet came into existence.

America Changes On A Monday Morning

It’s a full slate of news on this Monday morning in America.

First, the longest serving representative in the history of the United States Congress has died. West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd passed away at the age of 92. It’s not my style to speak ill of the recently deceased, so I’ll just say that his history is well-known though downplayed by the Democrat Party. He went from being a grand wizard in the KKK to being the grand wizard of pork-barrel spending. Alas, his time is over and West Virginia will now have some sort of representation.

Meanwhile, good news and bad news in the Supreme Court as it strikes down a Chicago gun ban and affirms gun-rights to the states. That’s the good news. The bad news, it was 5-4 in the usual breakdown. We were one vote away from seeing the Second Amendment castrated. That should scare the hell out of you.

Burress Arrest Points Out Bigger Problem

First, we need to remember that Plaxico Burress is an idiot; a spoiled athlete who thinks rules don’t apply to him and is willing to put his team’s Super Bowl chances in jeopardy (though in reality they’ll probably have a better chance now). But be that as it may, David Kopel aptly points out that New York’s gun law in this case may very well be unconstitutional. It is at the very least un-American.

Just A Reminder About Michael Bloomberg

The Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, is steamed over the Plaxico Burress incident and how it went down and wants Burress prosecuted “to the fullest extent of the law.” Bloomberg is right that Burress should be prosecuted and the hospital that treated him should be investigated for not reporting it to police, but just a gentle reminder: Bloomberg is a crypto-fascist who would completely ban gun ownership if he thought he could get away with it. It’s easy for the casual observer to laud Bloomberg for his tough law and order rhetoric, but we need to remember where this fire in his belly comes from: a vehement hatred of guns and gun ownership of any kind. That is not the answer to crime in the city.

Nevada ACLU Bucks National Office On Gun Control

A proud day for gun-owners in Nevada as the state office of the ACLU has declared its support for the Second Amendment thus becoming the only state branch to split with the national organization on the gun-control issue.

The state board of directors reached the decision this month after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment protects the rights of individuals to own handguns.

“The Nevada ACLU respects the individual’s right to bear arms subject to constitutionally permissible regulations,” a statement on the organization’s Web site said. “The ACLU of Nevada will defend this right as it defends other constitutional rights.”

“This was the consensus,” said Allen Lichtenstein, general counsel for ACLU of Nevada. “There really wasn’t a lot of dissent.”

But the state affiliate’s position puts it at odds with the national organization.

The New York City-based ACLU disagrees with the Supreme Court ruling, saying in a statement that it interprets the Second Amendment as a collective right to own guns and not an individual one.

“In our view, neither the possession of guns nor the regulation of guns raises a civil liberties issue,” according to the position on its Web page.

It’s that position that has long infuriated gun rights advocates.

Bravo. I know Gary Peck, the Executive Director of the Nevada ACLU from my days in TV news. While I didn’t agree with a lot of his positions, Gary always did what the ACLU is supposed to do: defend those who don’t have the means to defend themselves. This is a commendable stand by the Nevada ACLU and I hope it gives other state branches of the organization something to think about.