They Are Sheep

We seem to be living in a world where the bad guys are flaunting their badness.

It’s obvious that Obama is using the border crisis to blackmail Republicans into immigration reform that could create a permanent majority for the Democrat Party. Yet, we convince ourselves is about humanitarianism.

It’s obvious that Hamas wants to destroy Israel and is willing to use children as weapons. Yet, we convince ourselves that Israel is like Nazi Germany and the Palestinians are victims.

It’s obvious that the U.N. is an anti-Semitic, anti-American organization with the latest example being the discovery of Hamas weapons at one of the UN schools. When discovered, they gave the weapons back to Hamas. Yet, we convince ourselves that the UN is the last best hope for world peace.



Hilarious Quote Of The Day

Via the gang at Hillary Clinton’s State Department concerning the nearly $1-Billion we’re sending to Gaza:

“Hamas is not getting any of this money.”

I believe Hillary is famous for using the term “the willing suspension of disbelief“. Who knew it was a core philosophy?

Same Old Song In The Middle East

Haven’t said much about the latest Middle East conflict between Israeli and Hamas…and here’s why: I know how it’s going to end. It’s going to end like all the others. Israeli is going to bomb Hamas to within an inch of their lives. At that time, world diplomats (and at this point Barack Obama) will step in and broker a deal that “stops the bloodshed” which Israel’s Kadima idiots will sign on to. Peace in our time! Long live diplomacy! Hamas will then be able to regroup and rebuild with Iranian money and the process begins anew.

Simple. Easy. What more is there to say?

MORE: An absolute classic: “Death to All Juice!

EVEN MORE: It’s a whole new world…the IDF starts its own YouTube Channel. Wonder how long before YouTube gets cold feet and pulls it?

Jimmy Carter Does It Again

You have to give Jimmy Carter credit; no matter what outlandish thing he says at any given time, he’s never been unable to top it later on with something even more outlandish. Today we see the former President on Irish Television telling us that it is “criminal” for President Bush, the U.S., Israel and Europe to back Fatah over Hamas. From the Jerusalem Post:

Far from encouraging Hamas’s move into parliamentary politics, Carter said the US and Israel, with European Union acquiescence, has sought to subvert the outcome by shunning Hamas and helping Abbas to keep the reins of political and military power.

“That action was criminal,” he said in a news conference after his speech.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but even the most hardened Lefties in Congress agree that Hamas is nothing but a group of terrorists thugs. Carter’s said some crazy sh*t over the years, but this has to be in the top three.

Captain Ed makes this salient point concerning the fact that Hamas is on the State Department list of outlawed terrorist organizations:

Wouldn’t it literally have been a criminal act to engage with Hamas? Federal law prohibits such direct contacts and the transmission of aid to terrorist groups such as Hamas.

It reminds me too that one of the bigger foreign policy mistakes made by the U.S. and the Europeans is our encouragement of murderous groups like Hamas and al-Sadr’s Shiite gang to “join the political process.” They’re not fools. They readily take up this challenge which gives their useful idiot comrades in the West (i.e. Carter) more semantic wiggle-room in their defense of these savages.

Elections are a part of a democratic society, but elections alone don’t in and of themselves make a democratic society. People like Jimmy Carter and Joe Conason love to play up the fact that Hamas or Hugo Chavez were elected democratically, as though that gives them carte-blanche to act like thugs and expect American support. What. A. Joke.

Called It! Barak Plans Massive Strike On Hamas

From the Times of London: (Hat tip: Captain Ed)

ISRAEL’s new defence minister Ehud Barak is planning an attack on Gaza within weeks to crush the Hamas militants who have seized power there.

According to senior Israeli military sources, the plan calls for 20,000 troops to destroy much of Hamas’s military capability in days.

The raid would be triggered by Hamas rocket attacks against Israel or a resumption of suicide bombings.

Barak, who is expected to become defence minister tomorrow, has already demanded detailed plans to deploy two armoured divisions and an infantry division, accompanied by assault drones and F-16 jets, against Hamas.

Damn I’m good!