Bill Clinton Still Bitter Over Camp David Accord

Yet, like any good liberal, he blames the wrong side for the failure. Clinton and Barak (that name is always trouble!) offered the Palestinians 99.9% of the store and Arafat refused, for you see, there would still be Jews living on earth, there would still be a place called Israel. He couldn’t live with that. Same with the thugs that followed him. Even an old war-horse like Ariel Sharon was ready to take the first big step into Israel’s oblivion and it wasn’t enough for the Palestinian Authority.

And, of course, Clinton wants us (and himself) to believe that it’s Israel’s fault. Many on the Left believe if there was no Israel there would be peace in the Middle East, and in a sense they’re right. When Hitler controlled nearly all of Europe, it was a pretty stable region until the Brits and Americans messed it all up.

Anywho, one has to wonder what the end-game will be: Israel’s destruction by a thousand cuts or a final all-out war in the region?

The great Andrew Klavan (who unfortunately is moving behind Glenn Beck’s pay-wall) has this greatest hit that offers a one-state solution:


Weeks After Flotilla Attack, Obama Sends Money To Palestinians


President Barack Obama said Wednesday the United States was to unveil a 400-million-dollar civilian aid package for the Palestinians, as he called the situation in the Gaza Strip “unsustainable.”

American Weakness Set Stage For Flotilla Incident

Bottom line: President Obama’s desire to weaken the United States’ standing in the world is hurting Israel. Her enemies are emboldened. Michael Goodwin at the New York Post puts it best:

Weakness always begets aggression, and, like clockwork, Obama’s repeated signals that he is weakening America’s commitment to Israel are emboldening the Jewish state’s enemies. From Syria to Iran to Lebanon, from Hezbollah to Hamas and the PLO, the wolves smell blood and are trying to gauge whether they can get close enough for the kill.

And whether the United States will stop them. That they even dare hope we won’t reflects the danger of Obama’s demented decisions.

The huge flotilla is the latest example of the open-season mania, with the result that Israel is under international siege — for defending itself. And, not incidentally, for defending an embargo on Gaza that Washington supports.

This whole situation makes me so mad, it’s indescribable. Fortunately, the country seems to be coming around.

The Big Show In Cairo

Well, Obama gave his big speech in Cairo. So far it looks like the usual suspects are impressed…the state-run media and the academics. Meanwhile, Israel, American conservatives and Muslim extremists are not so enamored. The Rightists in Israel are putting out a new poster that you see here. Rather extreme, but I don’t blame them for being fearful.

The part about the Palestinian state is what gets my goat. Yes, everybody is for a two-state solution, except for one very important party…the Palestinians! They turned down the offer in 1999 because they will only accept a one-state solution which would involve the total destruction of Israel. Why can’t anyone get this?

Meanwhile, there was this statement:

Conservative critics seized on a passage in which he said: “Given our interdependence, any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail. So whatever we think of the past, we must not be prisoners of it. Our problems must be dealt with through partnership; progress must be shared.”

Hard to get too worked up about this, because it’s nothing new. This was a view held by many of the Foggy Bottom wonks in the Clinton administration. Many believe it would be a better world if many countries had nukes rather than just the United States which was part of the reason the Clintons sold missile technology to the Chinese. It’s also believed by some that democracy is no better than any other system…it’s all relative. Yes, Postmodernism is back, in a big way.

UPDATE: Great minds think alike. Victor Davis Hanson on Obama’s postmodernism.

Same Old Song In The Middle East

Haven’t said much about the latest Middle East conflict between Israeli and Hamas…and here’s why: I know how it’s going to end. It’s going to end like all the others. Israeli is going to bomb Hamas to within an inch of their lives. At that time, world diplomats (and at this point Barack Obama) will step in and broker a deal that “stops the bloodshed” which Israel’s Kadima idiots will sign on to. Peace in our time! Long live diplomacy! Hamas will then be able to regroup and rebuild with Iranian money and the process begins anew.

Simple. Easy. What more is there to say?

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