There Is No Alternative

Peter Robinson’s Uncommon Knowledge web-video series is uncommonly good. This is what The Charlie Rose Show could be if Charlie weren’t such an elitist hack.

This latest interview with writer/journalist/scholar Claire Berlinski is worthy of everyone’s time. She talks about Margaret Thatcher and how the Iron Lady turned Britain around, something that was thought to be an impossible task.

In part 3, Berlinski tackles the inevitable question: Is Sahara Palin comparable to Thatcher? I love Sarah Palin and would sleep just fine if she were president, but I definitely have qualms with her as a political leader. Berlinski explains this beautifully and her concerns apply to anyone running for president in 2012.

There is no alternative getting around it…I’m in love.

Battleground Alaska

They’re counting the absentee ballots in Alaska. Muckraker Robert Stacy McCain is at Miller Campaign HQ with up-to-the-minute reports. Bad craziness.

UPDATE: Rumors are circulating that Murkowski is going to concede later tonight. Stay tuned.

BIG UPDATE: Boom! Murkowski concedes. Now the question remaining is whether she’ll support Joe Miller or simply sulk.

MORE: This is excellent news for the Senate. Joe Miller isn’t just some schmo that decided to run for office. I’ve heard him on the radio and he’s a very smart guy who knows his stuff. Not saying he’s a shoe-in, but in Red State Alaska, he has the advantage. The GOP must be shed of its brainwashed-establishment types if it’s going to make anything of its presumed gains in November.

Erick Erickson puts it plainly:

Consider another fact: Conservatives, led by Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin, are potentially creating the most conservative Senate Republican Conference in the last thirty or so years: Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, Mike Lee, Joe Miller, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Pat Toomey will be joining Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, and David Vitter.

Bottom line, if the GOP takes the Senate, it’ll be time for DeMint to make his move and topple McConnell from the leadership post. The stakes are too high to let this be frittered away by big-government Republicans who’d rather get good print in the New York Times than emancipate the America people from the yoke of Keynesian tyranny.

And We’re Back! What Did I Miss?

Back from a week of rest and relaxation from the world of blogging and other things. A really, really good primary Tuesday for the GOP with perhaps the biggest news being in Alaska, where Joe Miller seems to have upset Lisa Murkowski in the GOP primary. She’s going to try and ruin everything, but it seems to me her plans are a long-shot. Huge news. Also, the turnout in Florida was massive for Marco Rubio and Rick Scott…I think a tidal wave is coming folks.

But let’s not lose site of another important issue: Iran. If nothing is done, they’re going to get nukes and that means trouble. Andy McCarthy has been on fire lately and his column from the 21st deserves a thorough reading by any of you still concerned with Islamic terrorism.

More later as we get back to business.