Bill Clinton Still Bitter Over Camp David Accord

Yet, like any good liberal, he blames the wrong side for the failure. Clinton and Barak (that name is always trouble!) offered the Palestinians 99.9% of the store and Arafat refused, for you see, there would still be Jews living on earth, there would still be a place called Israel. He couldn’t live with that. Same with the thugs that followed him. Even an old war-horse like Ariel Sharon was ready to take the first big step into Israel’s oblivion and it wasn’t enough for the Palestinian Authority.

And, of course, Clinton wants us (and himself) to believe that it’s Israel’s fault. Many on the Left believe if there was no Israel there would be peace in the Middle East, and in a sense they’re right. When Hitler controlled nearly all of Europe, it was a pretty stable region until the Brits and Americans messed it all up.

Anywho, one has to wonder what the end-game will be: Israel’s destruction by a thousand cuts or a final all-out war in the region?

The great Andrew Klavan (who unfortunately is moving behind Glenn Beck’s pay-wall) has this greatest hit that offers a one-state solution:


Libya On The Verge Of Toppling Gaddafi?

Or so it would seem. Don’t want to get overly optimistic, but this might finally be the end of Gaddafi. Yes, lot’s of folks like Obama will try and take credit, but who cares…let them. The important thing is that Libya might have a chance at freedom. Odds are against liberal democracy, but you never know unless you try. Cheers to NATO for the air support and cheers to the rebels for risking their lives for a chance at freedom.

Bolton: Three Days To Strike Iran

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton says Israel has three days left to strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities or it’ll be too late:

Bolton claimed Israel has only three days to strike before Russia “begins the fueling process for the Bushehr reactor this Friday,” after which any attack would cause radioactive fallout that could reach as far as the waters of the Persian Gulf.

I’m skeptical a strike is in the works, which means a nuclear Iran is pretty much a certainty.

Bolton: Arab Nations Would Welcome Israeli Attack On Iran

Not a shock to anyone who pays attention and sees through the diplomatic double-speak, but few have the guts to spell it out like John Bolton.

The dirty little secret is that countries like Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia…pretty much everyone except Syria, would love to see Iran de-nuked and cut down to size. They’ll deny it up and down and condemn Israel if they do strike, but privately they’ll be relieved.

All Hail Twitter!

I have a Twitter account. I go by PopinjayRose. I use it as a sort of platform for performance art. I put entries like Chess moves (Qd4) or my latest weight in pounds (I’ve lost 30 this year). Or sometimes I put in quotes from Brother Theodore: “With every failure, my reputation grows!

I’m not a technophobe…far from it. I admire the technology that makes things like Twitter available to the public. Though I thought it silly that anyone anywhere would be interested in an update on my every move: “8:18am…need to take a number 2.”

Then, Iran. The folks at Twitter can hold their heads high for what they have done for the people of this despotic nation who are trying to kill a monster with nothing but their hands and their voices. Twitter proved to be such a valuable platform for getting the word out to the rest of the world that our own State Department stepped in and asked Twitter to delay a schedule network upgrade (and thus temporary shutdown) in order to keep the information flowing.

That’s interesting…that matters.

All hail Twitter.

Iran: Sarkozy Denounces; Obama Hedges

The violence continues in Iran over their recent rigged election. It’s weird that everyone is so worried about who is President of Iran when he’s really nothing more than a press spokesman for the Ayatollah.

Anywho, my heart goes out to these young people fighting for their freedom from despotism. Gateway Pundit has a roundup.

The Big Show In Cairo

Well, Obama gave his big speech in Cairo. So far it looks like the usual suspects are impressed…the state-run media and the academics. Meanwhile, Israel, American conservatives and Muslim extremists are not so enamored. The Rightists in Israel are putting out a new poster that you see here. Rather extreme, but I don’t blame them for being fearful.

The part about the Palestinian state is what gets my goat. Yes, everybody is for a two-state solution, except for one very important party…the Palestinians! They turned down the offer in 1999 because they will only accept a one-state solution which would involve the total destruction of Israel. Why can’t anyone get this?

Meanwhile, there was this statement:

Conservative critics seized on a passage in which he said: “Given our interdependence, any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail. So whatever we think of the past, we must not be prisoners of it. Our problems must be dealt with through partnership; progress must be shared.”

Hard to get too worked up about this, because it’s nothing new. This was a view held by many of the Foggy Bottom wonks in the Clinton administration. Many believe it would be a better world if many countries had nukes rather than just the United States which was part of the reason the Clintons sold missile technology to the Chinese. It’s also believed by some that democracy is no better than any other system…it’s all relative. Yes, Postmodernism is back, in a big way.

UPDATE: Great minds think alike. Victor Davis Hanson on Obama’s postmodernism.